To commemorate the celebration of women empowerment and reward the endeavors in their fields, BVPIEEE is hosting WIEHACK 2.0 second edition of all girls 36 hours Virtual hackathon having diverse themes and beginner workshops.

Our Vision:

  • To provide a platform for women to develop solutions to real-world problems in positive environment.
  • To bridge the gender equality gap in the technical domain.
  • To foster the spirit of team work and encourage women to support one another in their endeavors.



  • Every member of the team must be a girl student.
  • All team members should be enrolled in an undergraduate

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$83,790 in prizes

Wolfram License (3)

From basic web forms to large-scale data analytics, Wolfram technology includes the functionality for any kind of computational task.

Creative Tim Coupon (5)

Creative Tim is the perfect place where web designers and web developers find fully coded UI tools. These templates and dashboards help them build web and mobile apps.

Blasmiq (5)

Balsamiq Cloud is a web-based user interface design tool for creating wire frames (sometimes called mock ups or low-fidelity prototypes). You can use it to generate digital sketches of your idea or concept for an application or website, to facilitate discussion and understanding before any code is written.

Axure (3)

Axure is a wire framing, rapid prototyping, documentation and specification software tool aimed at web, mobile and desktop applications. It offers drag and drop placement, resizing, and formatting of widgets

HouseItt Coupons (3)

Houseitt aim to help the students to find the paying guesthouse they want to stay in, the flat they want to spend their college tenure in and the housing facilities they want their PG or flat to be brimmed with.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sarita Ahlawat

Sarita Ahlawat
University of Illinos

Subhash Malik

Subhash Malik
Corporate Trainer

Judging Criteria

  • Proposal
    -Innovation and Uniqueness -Importance of the problem solved -Practicality of the proposal
  • Competitive Coding
    -A total of 5 questions will be given.
  • Final Presentation
    -Presentation Skills -Quality of the product -Percentage of original proposal developed -Scalability
  • Total
    Total Marks = 20(P) + 20(C) + 60(FP)

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